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Matrix Human Factors is committed to developing and delivering business specific Human Factors and Non-Technical Skills courses for a variety of industries. Using best practices derived from the aviation industry, these ideals are enhanced and applied to specific safety critical sectors including Aviation, Agriculture, Aerial Application, UAV/RPAS, Transport, Mining, Oil & Gas.







Matrix Human Factors will tailor specific courses designed in conjunction with the individual company’s Safety Management System (SMS), to ensure Human Factors and Non-Technical Skills are incorporated seamlessly into the business’ safety training framework.

Matrix Human Factors’ primary focus is to help businesses improve their Safety Management System (SMS), operational performance and efficiency through the use of Human Factors and Non-Technical Skills training. Individuals and teams will be empowered with the knowledge and understanding on how Human Factors and Non-Technical Skills are incorporated holistically for a safer and more productive operation.







  • Create a safer working environment for all stakeholders.
  • Develop the channels of communication between the individual and teams.
  • Create an open reporting culture that encourages the reporting of errors, mistakes or near misses for the overall improvement of safety.
  • Develop an understanding of individual and team limitations between themselves, their colleges, the environment, and equipment.
  • Meet industry standards.

Human Factors Courses
Designed Specifically for
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